What other settings can an organisation user control?

Organisations can control: Add and remove Employees and Consultees Re-send enrolment emails with user details (for Employees who report losing that email) Select the names of up to 10 sub-groups (e.g., Sales Department) for reporting purposes, and move Employees between sub-groups Add their own questions or select other empirically validated measures to add Control what […]

Can we add our own questions to the WoW assessment?

Yes. In the organisation dashboard, you can add up to ten free-text questions, ten 0-10 scale questions, and ten 0-7 grid questions. These added questions are presented to employees and consultees at the end of their WoW assessment and before their demographics page. When an organisational report is generated, an excel file of this raw […]

How does our organisation get started?

Contact us and get certified. Once registered, the Organisation dashboard has a document titled ‘Getting Started with WoW’ which outlines via screenshots the steps to setting up your first organisational wellbeing assessment, and the considerations and various options you should consider while doing to. In addition, if you have any questions, email: wow@langleygroup.com.au.

How secure is WoW for Organisations?

With the assistance of security consultants and health information privacy experts, we are ensuring that WoW’s security measures are up to international speed with the most stringent requirements. As a result of WoW maintaining appropriate measures and standards, users can rest assured that their personal data is protected.

WoW is not quite right for us, what are our other options?

There are very few good competitors in this market. “Most” of our competitor’s assessments are either too long, not based on science, cannot track wellbeing overtime, or do not provide users with reports. Some competitor’s products are also insecure, and unsafe, and they operate without qualified test users on staff. One good competitor that we […]

How ethical is WoW?

WoW is committed to industry standards regarding user privacy and user confidentiality. Our guiding principle is that the user can determine who they share their data with. We are members of various major professional bodies – such as psychology associations and assessment associations – and our team members are also registered test users with accredited […]

Does WoW for Organisations provide wellbeing initiatives?

Yes. WoW suggests empirically validated approaches to increasing wellbeing via the ‘My Activities’ on Employee and Consultees dashboards. In addition, at the end of Employees and Consultees reports there is a section called “Ways to Wellbeing” where we suggest websites, apps, and books.

How is our organisation’s wellbeing tracked?

When your organisation completes their second (and subsequent) assessment, these results are dynamically integrated with the results of your organisation’s first assessment. For example, your organisational report for your second assessment will display your organisation’s wellbeing results at time 1, and the new results at time 2 (and 3, 4, 5 and so on). It […]