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Discover the world of Work on Wellbeing

The Work on Wellbeing has been developed by a team of innovators, scientists and psychology experts who are passionate about helping individuals and organisations thrive.

The culmination of painstaking research over led by Dr Aaron Jarden, the precision wellbeing assessment tool lays the foundations for immense individual and collective growth.

What’s more, it’s secure, ethical and customisable meaning you can tailor it to your desired personal or business outcomes.

The Research and Science

The Work on Wellbeing assessment has been developed by global leaders in wellbeing, organisational and positive psychology including Dr Aaron Jarden, Dr Todd Kashdan, Dr Jo Mitchell, Dr Alex Mackenzie, and Dr Dan Weijers, amongst others.

This level of expertise and scientific rigour has created the most robust, scientifically validated assessment tools that is now available to consultants, individuals, teams and workplaces.

Research shows there is a strong link between employee wellbeing – leading to workplace engagement, productivity at work, and then subsequent improvements in business outcomes and profitability.

  • Employees become more productive at work to the tune of about US$1000 per year
  • Employees are generally healthier, reducing sick days by as much as 50%.
  • Wellbeing increases organisational citizenship behaviour – employees helping others at work.
  • Employees react more positively to workplace changes
  • Employees are more positive about their workplace, supporting retention and attraction.

The Langley Group are the custodians for the Work on Wellbeing assessment across the globe.

Responsible for empowering individuals and organisations to be the best they can be, the Langley Group offers a range of solutions for personal and professional growth.

Operating at the intersection of neuroscience positive psychology and emotional intelligence, Langley Group provides consulting, courses, psychometric assessments, accreditations all tied to the science of wellbeing.

How it Works

Work on Wellbeing is a simple yet powerful tool to help you or your team flourish personally and professionally.


Individuals and workplaces register to take the assessment.


An online assessment is completed which takes around 10 minutes.


Receive an in-depth wellbeing assessment report at individual, consultant or organisational level.


Follow dynamic activities that cultivate improved wellbeing.


Track wellbeing over time.

Results that Make a Difference

Receive an in-depth analysis of you or your team’s wellbeing, measured in four areas; global wellbeing, life satisfaction, workplace wellbeing and component wellbeing. Click on the images below to download a sample report.

Sample Comprehensive Report
Sample Introductory Report
Sample Group Report
Sample Organisational Report
Note: These samples exclude some sections, ie. raw data, activities, additional measures and ways to wellbeing.

“We have worked with WoW for a number of years now for our Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing students and with our corporate clients. The tool is fun and informative and the responsiveness of the team when we ask for tweaks and support has been fabulous.”

CEO of Langley Group Institute, Yulia Zlatkin

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