What is a low wellbeing warning?

If your results place you in approximately the bottom 5% of our complete user sample, we place a low wellbeing warning on your report. This warning is presented on the ‘summary overview page’ – page 3. The warning is produced if the WoW factor score is between 0-58, and the happiness score is either a […]

Does WoW provide wellbeing initiatives?

Yes! WoW suggests 33 empirically validated approaches to increasing wellbeing via ‘My Activities’ for you to proactively manage wellbeing. Three are included in the comprehensive report. The other 30 are available here! In addition, at the end of the comprehensive reports (i.e., not the free introductory report) there is a section called “Ways to Wellbeing” […]

How scientific is the Wow assessment?

The WoW assessment has been crafted by the top wellbeing assessment scientists in the field, learn more here. If you would like a copy of the assessment technical manual, please contact us. This manual explains how the assessment and questions are grounded in relevant theory and literature.

How is my wellbeing ‘tracked’?

When you complete your second (and subsequent) assessment, these results are dynamically integrated with the results of your first assessment. For example, your report for your second assessment will display your wellbeing results at time 1, and the new results at time 2 (and 3, 4, 5 and so on). It is then easy to […]

What do my results look like?

You can view an example report here. In addition, your user dashboard displays graphs and summary text from your last assessment.

How long is an assessment?

If you are an Individual or Employee user, an assessment is 50 questions and takes around 10 minutes on average to complete. Your Organisation/Consultant can also add a limited number of extra questions so your assessment might be slightly longer. WoW also has a special algorithm that can determine if users are completing the assessment […]

Can I share my results?

Yes, with one condition. If you are an individual user, you may be employed, and if so, we only ask that you do not share your individual results with your Organisation or in any other commercial setting (like with a coach or health professional). If you are an Employee or Consultee (your organisation specifically asked […]

Is my assessment free?

Yes, as an Individual, Employee or Consultee user, the introductory report is free. For deeper insights, we recommend the comprehensive report.WoW charges Organisations for organisational wellbeing reports and also charges others for other commercial use – such as Consultants who monitor the wellbeing of various people. We make assessments and reports free for Individual and […]