Can I share my results?

Yes, with one condition. If you are an individual user, you may be employed, and if so, we only ask that you do not share your individual results with your Organisation or in any other commercial setting (like with a coach or health professional). If you are an Employee or Consultee (your organisation specifically asked […]

Is my assessment free?

Yes, as an Individual, Employee or Consultee user, the introductory report is free. For deeper insights, we recommend the comprehensive report.WoW charges Organisations for organisational wellbeing reports and also charges others for other commercial use – such as Consultants who monitor the wellbeing of various people. We make assessments and reports free for Individual and […]

What should I do if my wellbeing is low?

The WoW provides a snapshot in time. We all have ups and downs. The WoW report and associated results should not be used to replace the advice of a qualified professional. If you are experiencing significant psychological difficulties, you should contact your doctor or qualified mental health professional.