WoW determines an “Individual” as any person that has come to its website, registers an account, conducts an assessment, and receives a report. They may be employed, or they may not be.

An “Employee” is a person who has been asked by their ‘Organisation’ (or a ‘Consultant’ aligned with their Organisation) to come to the WoW website, to register and in doing so select their Organisation (and possibly organisation sub-group) or select a Consultant aligned with their Organisation. This is so that the Employee can get personalised wellbeing results, and the Organisation can also get group level anonymous results related to its employees and automatically get a copy of that person’s report.

An “Organisational” user is the person who creates the organisation’s account with WoW – this could also be a Consultant. This person may also create employee accounts. For the Your Organisation option (i.e., Employees), an organisational user can select the assessment frequency (30, 90, 180, 360 days, or custom date periods), add sub-groups (e.g., Marketing department) to their assessment for sub-group reporting, add an organisational logo, add their own questions (Organisation Defined Questions) or further measures suggested by WoW (WoW Suggested Questions), and add / delete employees or change their sub-groups. For the Your Consultant option, the organisational user only gets a copy of the consultees report (and the Organisation’s logo is placed on the consultees report cover page) – all the other options are determined by the consultee. An organisational user needs to be certified in the Work on Wellbeing assessment.