If you are an individual user, you choose whom you would like to share your results with.

If you are an Employee, your Organisation does not get access to your reports, though you are consenting to your anonymous data being used to compile an overall organisational wellbeing report, possibly with group-level results. You can see an example of an organisational wellbeing report here. In this organisational report, no identifying characteristics are mentioned – a minimum of five responses are required to produce an overall report, and for each subgroup, a minimum of five responses are required to produce a result for each sub-group (e.g., Sales Department) – ensuring user anonymity.

In addition, your free text answers are supplied to your organisation account owner only (e.g., your answers to questions such as “What one thing, more than anything else, makes your organisation a great place to work?”). If you are an employee or individuals working with a Consultant, ‘’you are consenting to your wellbeing reports (pdf’s) being automatically shared with this Consultant.